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We are focused on providing tailor-made innovative solutions across all sectors”

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Who We Are
TIMZOID was founded in June 2019 in Lagos,
Nigeria by a team of entrepreneurs, software engineers and security experts. Since inception, we have been helping lives and businesses reimagine their daily activities by providing top notch innovative solutions across all sectors powered by the latest technologies.
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Vision: Our vision is to be the most preferred innovative solution provider across Africa & the world at large.
Mission: Our mission is to make lives & businesses easy, effective & efficient through world class innovative solution
What We Do
Enterprise Software Development
From research to vision, to implementation, TIMZOID translates bold ideas into industry-leading software, mobile, and web applications that advance your business.
BlockChain Technology
We help businesses boost efficiency, security and service through innovative blockchain technology
Customized Solutions
We offer an extensive range of customized solutions to help you successfully reach next levels of excellence by improving capability, capacity, productivity and profit
On Demand IT
We provide On-demand IT ranging from SaaS, E-commerce applications and much more.
Database Management
We provide business users with the ability to visualize, explore and analyze big data directly.
Information and Network Security
We specialize in helping customers navigate the scope and complexity of specific security needs.
Our Solutions
Timzoid offers a variety of products and services that cater for different needs. Whether it be an enterprise or a customer centric solution, we ensure quality, stability and security across our platforms.
EazyAccess is an HR software solution that eases all activities in an organization to achieve a desired goal.
EazyMeal is a Multilayered suit of technology solution for managing the entire business
Eazybarter is an online e-commerce platform that allows buyers and sellers trade with ease
Eazymed is an end-to-end application that eases the workflow in a medical facility